Used and reconditioned loading ramps

We are able to offer a great selection of used and refurbished ramps

In addition to our stock of new ramps, we also offer used and reconditioned ramps for sale.

These ramps are often traded in or come from our rental fleet, so usually, they are in great condition. Even then, we still fully inspect all parts before sending the ramp away.

Whatever the process, all our used and reconditions loading ramps are prepared ready for work and fully inspected so you can be confident in their reliability for the future.

Our stock is offered at various prices, with the contracts tailored to your needs. Please contact us for stock information.

Technical perfection by design
used loading ramp before refreshment
Learn more about reconditioning
Before we send the ramp to our customer, we want to make sure that everything is working 100% smooth. Therefore, we servicing the used ramp or fully reconditing it.

The reconditioning of the used ramp includes, first of all, repairing the mesh, check of the state and functionality of the parts (hydraulic pump, chain, clamps) and exchange if necessary.

used loading ramp after refreshment
Refreshed ramp is ready to use!
Full refreshment of the ramp includes also painting. After such a preparation the ramp is ready for rent or for sale.