Low-level loading ramps

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Easyramps ERL7.3 designed for low steps, up to 300mm in height

This is the perfect solution for driving into containers at ground level, in storage yards or for use in conjunction with container lifting trailers. With a 7000kg capacity it can be used with a variety of vehicles including forklifts

In addition, it can be used to allow forklifts and vehicles to ascend curbs or steps, to open up areas of a site that were previously inaccessible, and save the cost and time of building works.

This low-level loading ramp is effortless to use and easy to move and store

With the retractable fork loops, in a matter of seconds, you can use your forklift to reposition the ramp to a new location and continue using it.

With its adjustable top section, the ramp is suitable for use with steps ranging from 150-300mm in height, perfect for a variety of uses.

We have applied our same design and build techniques to the ERL7.3, so it has the same high quality and robustness found in all our ramps, suitable for use all day every day.

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